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Facebook is the largest social media in the world. More than 2.6 Billion people are using Facebook now. You can easily build the brand loyalty of your business through Facebook. 

You can target your audience very precisely through Facebook for increasing revenue. Also, Facebook is a very affordable marketing platform for success. Facebook is a very powerful marketing medium. 

Digital Aider, Facebook Marketing Agency in Bangladesh can assist you to achieve your business goals and revenue by Facebook.

Are you want to achieve more and more sales and revenue through Facebook?

Digital Aider, Facebook Marketing Agency in Bangladesh being with you for your Facebook Marketing plan and result.

Facebook Marketing Agency in Bangladesh
for Brand awareness, Sales
and Revenue

Your goals and requirements and Our conversion-focused and Traffic based Facebook Marketing plan may generate your sales and revenue higher.

Facebook Business Page Profile Audit:

If you have already a Facebook business page, then the Aider team audit your business page to be optimized for appropriate set up as per your business needs.

Facebook Ad Manager Active

Facebook advertising is a very effective, affordable, and precise targeting system. But you need to set up and active your ad manager before initiating an ad. The Aider team creates and activates your ad manager.

Facebook Business Page Creation:

A Facebook business page is a very significate for your business. Nowadays, almost every business maintains a Facebook Business Page to its audience. The Aider team set up your business page as per the appropriate settings. During the setting, we focus on your business values and goals.

Facebook Business Page Cover Photo Design:

Facebook Business Page cover photo is very important for your business page. Facebook Business Page cover photo can cover at a glance of your products or services and draw attention to your audience. The Aider team prepares a Facebook business page cover photo for your business.

Facebook Ad Campaign Creation:

Your business success through Facebook will depend to create an appropriate ad campaign. If you do not create campaign content for your right audience, your campaign might be failed. We will create an appropriate campaign so that your campaign can get more ROI.

Facebook Business Page Consultancy:

Digital Aider team provides consultancy services for Facebook Business Page also. You can take a consultancy service from the Aider team for your Facebook Business Page if you do not want to take all support for your Facebook Business page.`

Facebook Ad Run:

Create an appropriate content you need to run your ad. But before running the ad you need to optimize your ad. You need to targeted traffic as per the temperature, precise audience, precise location, etc. Post boosting is not an appropriate marketing process. If you want to get a successful result from Facebook advertising you have to research the audience and then run the ad.

Facebook Business Page Maintenance:

Digital Aider team maintenance your Facebook Business Page with a very small service charge. We have an expert team that's maintenance your Facebook Business Page Actively so that, Your Business grows label much better. Always we try you provide the best service.

Why Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook is the largest social channel

Facebook is the largest social media in the world. More than 2.6 Billion people are using Facebook now. People spend more time on Facebook and share their many interests on Facebook i.e. personal interest, corporate interest, religious interest, etc. So, you can find easily your targeted audience on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

Facebook Users encompass all demographics

It is a very powerful function of Facebook that Facebook users encompass all demographics. You find a very huge demographic audience on Facebook. So, you can target the audience as per their demographic class on Facebook.

Facebook is growing Social Media

Facebook is the very first growing social media in the world than other social media. Year by year Facebook users increase.  For that, it is a very big field for a brand to create its brand awareness that is very much important for success in business.

Facebook is very affordable for Advertising

Facebook is very much affordable channel than other channels for advertising. Facebook allows you to run an ad within only a dollar budget.

Facebook advertising is highly targeted

It is an awesome feature of Facebook advertising that you can precisely target your audience through a Facebook ad. You can also retarget your audience for your products and services through the Facebook advertising system.

Facebook can target your website customer

You can target your website customer through Facebook ad management tools. You can easily do that by set up a Facebook pixel on your website. It is also a wonderful feature of the Facebook ad.

Facebook lets spread your brand to friends of friends

When someone of your friend likes a brand or any kind of engagement, your other friends can view or notify about your friend’s engagement. It’s cool. In that way, a brand can create its image for more and more people.

You can measure your result by Facebook

After doing all activities through Facebook tools or systems you need to know the result, isn’t it? Yes, everyone wants the result or outcome of their activities. Yes, right you are, you can measure your result on Facebook through the Facebook system. Are your campaign fail or success? why fail? what is the level of success? what level of audience perfect for your brand? what demographic level of audience perfect for your brand? Lots of categories you can measure through the Facebook tools. It is a very powerful system of marketing.  

You can use Facebook for direct response advertising, aware users to take a specific action, and post regularly to increase your brand loyalty. Also Facebook Marketing is important part of Digital Marketing. We are a Facebook Marketing platform in Bangladesh that can handle your Facebook marketing.

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