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As a business, it’s best to be where the people are, and they’re mostly online. This increased use of the Internet presents the potential for all business types, so long as they can find where their audience sits online. So, Let’s go to start the discussion about Digital Marketing which is also known as Online Marketing. In modern times you must hear the sound of Digital Marketing in many where maybe in a meeting, maybe in gossiping, maybe into your any gadgets.

Yes, it is very essentials in the modern business era. So, we will try to discuss the Digital Marketing overview, Step by Step. I will try to give you an overall guideline for Internet Marketing.

Some Memories of Digital Marketing

It is quite natural that you have to get some ideas of the history or memories that the topic is going to be discussed.

Let’s Thanks to Mr. Tomlinson

Yes, we should thank Mr. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson. Why? Who is Mr. Tomlinson?

Mr. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson who implemented the first email program that was in 1971. His technology set the platform to allow people to send and receive files through different machines. Digital Marketing starts here.

When you can able to email you can able to notify your client about your product or service or anything else. You may be surprised but the Digital marketing strategy has started from then.

It is almost impossible to separate digital marketing progress from technological development. Digital Marketing has been raised drastically along with technology development. In the 1980s, the storage capacity of the computer was already big enough to store huge volumes of customer information.

Companies started choosing online techniques, such as database marketing, rather than a limited list broker. These kinds of databases allowed companies to track customers’ information more effectively, thus transforming the relationship between buyer and seller.

After 1971 in the 1990s, Digital Marketing has seen a new era of Online Marketing. In the year of 1990, the Archie search engine was created. On the other hand, the debut of server/client architecture and the popularity of personal computers and customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications has become a significant factor in marketing technology.

The 1990 decade was very vital and the turning point of digital marketing. In 1993 Website system www. invented and in 1998 a giant search engine Google was established.

In 2000, with an increasing number of internet users and smartphone users, the customer was deciding without consult with any salesperson. Digital Marketing has been making steps forward in this period.

In 2004, another turning point for Digital Marketing. Big Social Media in the world Facebook has started their journey.

In 2007, it goes more ahead due to the development of marketing automation.

Statistics say Digital Marketing is still growing due to the proliferation of devices and customer’s huge engagements on social media. The latest include in Online Marketing is Influencer Marketing.

Now Let’s Move the Definition of Digital Marketing

During the discussion of the digital marketing overview, it is very important to know the definition. Let’s assume a new chocolate brand will introduce in the town. Now, the Marketing Manager moves to a TV channel to provide TV commercials for chocolate. It is the advertising of a Product/service. 

After the TV commercial Manager arranged to hang the billboard for new chocolate. It is a promotion of a product/service. From the TV commercial and the billboard newspapers covering the new chocolate brand. It is publicity.

From advertising, promotion, and publicity now people sharing their views about the chocolate. It is a public reaction to a product/service. And finally, people start buying chocolate.

It is sales for a product/service. So, this full process is called marketing. When it is done in a digital way is called Digital Marketing.

Marketing is a channel. Through that channel, a product and service try to reach their ultimate audience. In digital marketing, the channel is the digital and internet supported tools. Without the Internet, Digital Marketing has nothing to do.

So, Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. And someone called it Inbound Marketing too.

So, for the end up we can say that Digital marketing is the process of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital gadgets and devices and any other digital channels to reach the target audience to develop products and services.

Marketing + Digital System and Technologies = Digital Marketing

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Why Digital Marketing Matters

Mr. Smith everyday travel by subway train to his work station. During the period of travel, he uses to check his email and replies to important ones, and the rest of the time he uses social media. Because he being very busy during his office hour.

Ms. Sophia usually checks emails and replies to important ones or attended important phone calls or being busy herself with some entertaining when she way to the office in her car. She does not have enough time in the work station.

So, every passenger will not spend their time looking at the road. Then how billboard conveys the message to the audience where every audience being busy with gadgets.

Do me a favor, please? What was the last time you notice any billboard during the travel? Or what was the name of the newspaper you last time read?

That’s why Internet Marketing or Online Marketing is matters. You can easily reach the audience through such kind of marketing channel.

Various Channel of Digital Marketing

The Channel of Digital Marketing is one of the main parts to discuss in the Digital marketing overview. Digital Marketing is like an umbrella. Lots of components exit under this umbrella. Digital Marketers use internet marketing channel to digitally connect with their audience. Here are some vital categories of online marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  4. Content Marketing and Management.
  5. Email Marketing                             
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Keyword Analysis
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Influencer Marketing
  10. Advertising
  11. Viral Growth Strategy

These are some main and important categories of online marketing. Digital Marketing Service is a combination of the above item. I will discuss in detail the above vital elements later on in another blog hopefully.

How does digital marketing work?

First of all, need a plan and create a marketing funnel for a product or service to the target audience. Then need to choose the method of data-driven marketing. Then digital marketer will take action as per the plan and method.

Internet Marketing has Three methods.

  • Pad Method
  • Own Method
  • Earned Method

So, a complete data-driven marketing task a digital marketer use above the method generally.

Pad Method:

A digital marketer tries to reach the appropriate target audience for products and services use some paid media. This media is more target-oriented to reach the target audience for a product and service.

Any kind of Advertising, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, YouTube ad is some example of Paid media.

Owned Method:

Owned is a method where you have fully owned to reach the targeted customer. Customer Email list, Own Website, Facebook Page/Group/Profile, Own Channel are examples of owned media. Digital marketers can use this method to reach the target audience through appropriate content.

Earned Method:

The earned method is that method where we don’t have any control but people are talking about us or our brand or our product and service. We need to be very clear and focused on this media. Customer review, customer engagement in the campaign are some examples of the Earned Method.

Internet Marketers should have a plan for the earned media to engage with customers.

Strategic Plan for Data-Driven Digital Marketing

In Data-Driven Digital Marketing the whole strategy might be planned through the SOSTAC planning framework Where,

S = Situation Analysis – Where are we now

O = Objectives – Where do we want to get it

S = Strategy – How do we get there

T = Tactics – How exactly do we get there (Details of Strategy)

A = Action – The details of Tactics (ensuring the strategy and tactics are executed with excellence and passion – internal marketing.

C = Control – How do we monitor performance

Online Marketing actually takes a decision and create a success plan by data. So We have to create the planning framework carefully and by the data, so that company can get its success. In a strategic plan in Data-Driven Online Marketing SWOT is an effective policy to take a successful plan.

A Standard Customer Journey during Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Overview
Standard Customer Journey

– Aware

– Engage

– Subscribe

– Purchase

– Excite

– Ascend

– Advocate

– Promote

So, A digital Marketer creates their plan and Tactics according to the Standard Journey of a customer. Because, If you want to succeed in Online Business; Think about the customers and put yourself in their shoes.

What do Digital Marketers do in Online Marketing?

We are trying to discuss briefly the role of the online marketer.

Setting Goals and Objectives as per client requirement.

Analysis of target audience and market for the potential customer.

Identify the target audience as per market analysis to run the campaign.

Marketers should have ideas on the various Internet marketing campaign.

Prepare Marketing Plan to achieve the goals and objectives.

Appropriate Content Creation as per campaign.

It is a Data-driven marketing process. So, Data Analysis one of the big challenges of the digital marketer.

Competitor Analysis another significant challenge in online marketing.

Customer Feedback and as per the feedback re-arrange the Plan or campaign is a significant task for a digital marketer.

In the process of Data-driven marketing need to be used many tools for success in the campaign. So, digital marketers should know the use of marketing tools.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

As I said earlier that this is the era of Online Marketing. Internet Marketing has a sort of benefits in this modern business universe.

  1. It is easier for a buyer to decide on an appropriate product.
  2. Digital Marketing easily creates and aware of the brand value of a product or service.
  3. It will minimize the buyer journey by submitting the appropriate offer inappropriate time.
  4. It will make it easier to create awareness both before and after-sale.
  5. Digital Marketing helps you to connect the globe more shortly.
  6. Online Marketing is the low cost for the Operations method than traditional marketing.
  7. It is the best approach to reach the target audience. Online Marketing is a Laser-focused Targeting and Retargeting method.
  8. It is earned people’s trust and build brand reputation.
  9. Higher ROI from Campaigns and promotion.
  10. It is a Data-driven marketing process. We can track each and every action based on Data.
  11. It is a retargeting marketing process. You can easily retarget your client in internet marketing.
  12. You can get customer analytics easily from this marketing.
  13. You can track easily per customer expenses through Online marketing.
  14. You can track and measure your marketing expend easily through internet marketing.
  15. A company can build its brand strongly and easily within a short time frame through Online Marketing.

In the digital Industry, the question remains the same, but the answer regularly changes.

What is the Limitation of Online Marketing

  • The huge dependency of Technologies.
  • Security, privacy is a crucial issue.
  • Need to do too much work for success.
  • It’s not easy to find out a scammer from originals
  • Lack of confidence for guarantees. Guarantee that the product you receive is exactly like the one you saw on the pictures and also the replacement of the product in case of a problem.
  • Outdated content or information can create problems.
  • Brand Reputation Can Be Damaged by Negative Feedback.
  • Time-consuming Marketing Process.
  • Campaigns are very easy to copy in Data-driven marketing.
  • Online Marketing competition is very high.

Is Traditional Marketing Completely Obsolete?

No. Traditional Marketing is completely not obsolete. Still, Television commercials have significant demand. For someplace or some cities i.e. Times Square, billboards still have lots of value. Newspapers still exist as well as newspaper ads, though it is costly.

So, Traditional marketing not fully demolished. Rather sometimes during the planning of digital marketing, you may need to take the help of Traditional marketing.

After all, we are now in a digital world and people allocate their time on the internet surfing. It is now the easiest way to reach out to your customers and connect with them through Digital Marketing.

At the end of the sum up, we discussed here History, definition, method, the channel of Digital Marketing. We also discussed the role of a digital marketer and the significance of Online Marketing and the pros and cons of internet marketing.

We discussed the Strategic Plan for Data-Driven Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Overview a Step by Step discussion.

We will discuss this in detail from the above in any next time hopefully. Stay tuned.

Thank You…

The Aider Team

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